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Stemerman Statement Opposing Wasteful $10 Million Toll Study

July 25, 2018

“We Need Real, Outside-The-Box Leadership In Our State – And Not More Taxes”  


STAMFORD CT – Republican Gubernatorial candidate David Stemerman, a political outsider and businessman, made the following statement on today’s vote by the 10-member state Bond Commission approving a request from Governor Dan Malloy to spend $10 million in taxpayer-backed bonds toward a study on reinstating tolls in Connecticut.  The vote came just one day after Democratic State attorney general George Jepsen called the $10 million in taxpayers spending for the new study “just a drop in the bucket.’’

Today’s vote, and frankly the entire debate over tolls, highlights the failed leadership of Dan Malloy and the Democrats who have run the Transportation Trust fund and our state’s infrastructure into the ground.  It’s outrageous that their only answer to failed government leadership is to raise taxes on Connecticut commuters who are already over-burdened and fleeing the state in droves,” said Stemerman.

I do not accept this proposition and do not support this latest waste of taxpayer money. We have some of most congested roads in country and trains that are slower than in 1970 and that is because career politicians in Hartford are stuck in ideas of the past, while citizens are stuck in traffic.”

I’m the only candidate in this race who has introduced a detailed plan that will attract billions of dollars in private investment to get our congested highways flowing again, cut train travel times to New York City down by as much as half and build our airports into major regional hubs for passengers and cargo.  We need real, outside-the-box leadership in our state – and not more taxes,” Stemerman concluded.

BACKGROUND: David and his wife have been proud to raise their five children in Connecticut where he started his own business, Conatus Capital, ten years ago, and built it from a single desk to a multi-billion dollar business. He understands wh­at causes businesses to succeed and fail, what works and what doesn’t. And most importantly, he knows what it takes to grow jobs and wages, and has a track record of delivering results.

Stemerman is also the only candidate in either party to propose a detailed plan to rebuild and upgrade Connecticut’s failing transportation infrastructure.  He proposes attracting billions of dollars of private investment to upgrade Connecticut’s roads, trains and airports, including adding lanes to our major highways, getting the train from New York City to Stamford in 30 minutes, Bridgeport in 45 minutes and New Haven in 60 minutes and developing a major regional airport in Southern Connecticut.


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