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Stemerman Greets Commuters at Fairfield Train Station and Shares Bold Plans for Transportation

August 8, 2018



August 8, 2018

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Stemerman Greets Commuters at Fairfield Train Station and Shares Bold Plans for Transportation


Fairfield CT – Republican Gubernatorial candidate David Stemerman, a self-made businessman and political outsider, greeted voters at the Fairfield train station this morning to ask for their support and to discuss his plan to bring in billions of dollars of private investment to get our trains running again and get Connecticut out of traffic:

The commuters here experience the gross mismanagement of our transportation infrastructure every day ,” Stemerman said today. “The trains move slower than they did in the 1970s, meaning Fairfield has become too long a trip for commuters since it’s too far from New York. My plan will get Fairfield residents to Grand Central in less than 45 minutes, and will be a game-changer for Fairfield.” 

Click Here To Read David’s Transportation & Infrastructure Plan

“I’m here this morning offering voters a fresh, outside-the-box vision to bring billions of dollars of private investment to get our state moving again,” Stemerman continued. “My message for the voters here in Fairfield and beyond is simple: I will take the independent approach that made my business a success and expand the options for commuters beyond ‘Tolls or No Tolls’. It’s time for an outsider to get something done for once in Hartford and get our state out of traffic.”

David’s Principles for Rebuilding our Transportation Infrastructure include:

  1. Harness the innovation of the private sector;
  2. Ensure transportation receipts are spent only on transportation;
  3. Spend your money wisely; and
  4. Reduce the time to deliver projects.


 According to CNBC’s annual Top States for Business ranking, Connecticut ranks near the bottom in terms of infrastructure at #47. Similarly, U.S. News and World Report ranks Connecticut’s road quality #45 out of 50 states. Southern Connecticut is one of the largest population centers in the country without major commercial passenger air service. The cost for a mile of highway in Connecticut is $497,659 as compared to $180,000 for the country – more than twice as much.

Stemerman has gone to the Capital to lay out an ambitious agenda to eliminate conflicts of interest that have rigged our elections and legislative process, and to give control of government back to the people. He has been endorsed as the best of the five candidates by the Hartford Courantwhose editorial board stated: “David Stemerman holds to Republican principles while offering a clear, realistic and workable vision for the future.” Stemerman has also been recognized by the Courant as “alone among the candidates” – of either party – to lay out specific and credible plans to save Connecticut from a looming financial crisis. Stemerman’s plans will build on Connecticut’s former strengths to turn around the moving vans and grow our economy for families and job-creators.

He is also the only candidate in either party to provide a detailed plan to cut taxes for all residents and employers to make our state affordable and competitive so we can keep and attract jobs and families.  Stemerman proposes cutting taxes by $3 billion a year, including reducing the state’s seven income tax brackets to three at 0%/4%/5%, eliminating the death, gift and entity taxes and cutting the corporate tax rate to 5%.  His plan pays for these tax cuts by cost savings and eliminating special deals and exemptions in the tax code.

Other candidates offer vague promises to balance the budget, cut taxes and spending and grow jobs.  Only Stemerman proposes a credible plan that will deliver results for the people of Connecticut.


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