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Stemerman Unveils Plan to Grow Eastern Connecticut Economy

August 6, 2018


August 6, 2018

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Stemerman Unveils Plan to Grow Eastern Connecticut Economy

Stemerman, in Willington: “My plan will grow our economy and create jobs from East Windsor to Old Mystic.”

WILLINGTON CT – Republican Gubernatorial candidate David Stemerman, a self-made businessman and political outsider, introduced a comprehensive plan to develop and provide opportunities to families and job creators in Eastern Connecticut.  Stemerman spoke in front of one of the thousands of homes whose foundations have literally crumbled before their owners’ eyes as the Malloy Administration has dithered and ignored the issue – a key issue for affected residents of Eastern Connecticut:

“Eastern Connecticut is home to many of our most precious assets – from key manufacturing facilities to tourist destinations that draw visitors from across the world – but it’s been neglected by the Hartford insiders for too long,” said Stemerman. “From the residents who face calamity due to homes that are literally crumbling beneath them, to our under-utilized tourist and gaming locations, to our manufacturers that are struggling to compete and find talent, it is time for a Governor to take the problems seriously and be a partner to the people in this region. That’s what I’m doing in Willington today.”

“My plan calls for a full inquiry into the crumbling foundations, for investing in tourism which returns three dollars for every dollar the state puts in, for closing the skills gap so manufacturers can find and retain talent, and for a true partnership with the people of Eastern Connecticut moving forward,” Stemerman continued. “The promise of Eastern Connecticut is the promise of our whole state, and I will take an outside-the-box approach to growing the economy and creating jobs for the people who call it home.” 

Click Here to Read David’s Plan to Grow Jobs in Eastern Connecticut

David’s principles for his plan for Eastern Connecticut are:

  • Crumbling Foundations: Hartford insiders have turned a blind eye to the issue of crumbling foundations as residents have seen their homes and savings collapse; As Governor, David will begin by convening a thorough investigation as to what caused this catastrophe and who is responsible, including civil and criminal charges if wrongdoing is discovered.
  • Workforce Development: World-class manufacturers like Electric Boat are struggling to find skilled workers; David will bring business and educators together to ensure that our graduates are prepared to take on good-paying jobs here in Connecticut, particularly in manufacturing.
  • Gaming: Competition has increased from Springfield and Boston. David will work with our partners in the Mohegan and Pequot nations to enhance our ability to continue to attract visitors and employment in the region.
  • Good Governance: Dan Malloy’s heavy-handed decision to place a new state-run gun range in Griswold, against the wishes of the residents of the region, will not go forward under a Stemerman Administration. It’s time to respect the wishes of the residents and find a better solution.
  • Tourism: Due to bad decisions from Hartford, we’ve failed to develop Eastern Connecticut as a first-class tourist destination for visitors who too often just drive through Connecticut; as Governor, David will increase our marketing investment which shows a return of $3:1 for every dollar put in, and reassess the onerous taxes on hotels that make serving tourists too difficult in Eastern Connecticut.

[WATCH] David Unveils His Plans for Eastern Connecticut in Willington

BACKGROUNDDavid and his wife have been proud to raise their five children in Connecticut where he started his own business, Conatus Capital, ten years ago, and built it from a single desk to a multi-billion dollar business. He understands wh­at causes businesses to succeed and fail, what works and what doesn’t. And most importantly, he knows what it takes to grow jobs and wages, and has a track record of delivering results.

Stemerman has gone to the Capital to lay out an ambitious agenda to eliminate conflicts of interest that have rigged our elections and legislative process, and to give control of government back to the people. He has been endorsed as the best of the five candidates by the Hartford Courantwhose editorial board stated: “David Stemerman holds to Republican principles while offering a clear, realistic and workable vision for the future.” Stemerman has also been recognized by the Courant as “alone among the candidates” – of either party – to lay out specific and credible plans to save Connecticut from a looming financial crisis. Stemerman’s plans will build on Connecticut’s former strengths to turn around the moving vans and grow our economy for families and job-creators.

He is also the only candidate in either party to provide a detailed plan to cut taxes for all residents and employers to make our state affordable and competitive so we can keep and attract jobs and families.  Stemerman proposes cutting taxes by $3 billion a year, including reducing the state’s seven income tax brackets to three at 0%/4%/5%, eliminating the death, gift and entity taxes and cutting the corporate tax rate to 5%.  His plan pays for these tax cuts by cost savings and eliminating special deals and exemptions in the tax code.

Lastly, Stemerman is also the only candidate in either party to propose a detailed plan to rebuild and upgrade Connecticut’s failing transportation infrastructure.  He proposes attracting billions of dollars of private investment to upgrade Connecticut’s roads, trains and airports, including adding lanes to our major highways, getting the train from New York City to Stamford in 30 minutes, Bridgeport in 45 minutes and New Haven in 60 minutes and developing a major regional airport in Southern Connecticut.

Other candidates offer vague promises to balance the budget, cut taxes and spending and grow jobs.  Only Stemerman proposes a credible plan that will deliver results for the people of Connecticut.


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