The United States of America is the greatest country in human history because our founders built the foundation of our nation upon core principles of good government.

Our founders recognized the risks of concentrating too much power in one branch of government, so they created in our Constitution a system of checks and balances.

They understood the risk of the government’s potential to ruin its citizenry through excessive taxation, so the Constitution created a government with limited scope.

And they announced to the world in The Declaration of Independence the universal rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — the opportunity for each and every one of us to pursue our dreams.

Connecticut thrived for decades employing these principles of good government.

Today, we have a stark contrast. The state of our government would make our nation’s founders and our state’s former leaders spin in their graves:

• Power has been concentrated in the hands of the few that have unfairly engineered our elections, legislative process and finances for their own entrenchment and enrichment.

• Taxes and spending have become so excessive that people and employers have been driven out of their homes and places of doing business.

• Government regulations have erected insurmountable barriers, while inadequate education and infrastructure hold back our potential.