Connecticut has tremendous potential. For decades, families and businesses poured into our state and thrived.

Our location, our highly skilled workforce, and our schools were primary attractions. Our lower taxes plus our lower cost of living and lower cost of doing business sealed the deal.

This winning combination led jobs and wages to grow robustly. Connecticut had the highest income per person in the country. The second highest number of Fortune 500 companies in the country chose Connecticut to be their home — not bad for a state with only about 1% of our country’s population!

Our former strengths have turned into weaknesses. Our roads and trains are too slow, and our workforce and schools are no longer outperforming the nation. Most importantly, our taxes are simply too high and no longer competitive with our neighbors. A thicket of regulations has driven the cost of living and cost of doing business to intolerable levels.

As a result, we are losing families and jobs. Lifelong Connecticut residents are leaving and fewer young families are choosing Connecticut as a place to raise their family. Every day we get a new headline of yet another business leaving our state.