Connecticut’s location between New York City and Boston with miles of coastline and picturesque landscapes have attracted families and businesses for generations with strong job opportunities and a high quality of life.

We are losing the luster of our location with the increased congestion and deterioration of our aging transportation system. Our families are losing quality time together. Our employers cannot access talented workers unwilling to suffer intolerably long commutes.

Career politicians in Hartford are stuck in rhetoric of the past while citizens are stuck in traffic. Democrats propose more taxes — introducing tolls and raising the gasoline tax — and sending the funds to an appallingly inefficient Department of Transportation that most citizens question will actually solve the problems. Republican career politicians say no to tolls but fail to offer viable solutions to develop much needed transportation improvements.

David Stemerman, a political outsider and businessman, has seen in his business better ways to move our roads, trains and planes into the 21st Century. His plan will attract billions of dollars in private investment to get our congested highways flowing again, cut train travel times to New York City down by as much as half and build our airports into major regional hubs for passengers and cargo.

These transportation improvements will revitalize our cities and surrounding towns – with major initiatives in our four largest cites – Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven and Stamford. David’s plan will improve access for our coastal and rural communities throughout the state for work and play. It will also provide construction jobs and skills development in the building trades for projects that lay the foundation for our future prosperity.