The most important responsibility for our next Governor is to Save Connecticut from a financial crisis – a crisis that threatens our families, our jobs, and our state employees’ retirement security.

At the core of Connecticut’s fiscal challenges are our state employee labor agreements and unfunded retirement plans. Our unsustainable pension system has caused our budget to be in chronic deficit and our debt and retirement obligations to balloon to levels that we will not be able to pay.

No career politician or labor leader has been willing to talk honestly about these problems with taxpayers, state workers, or retirees. We are in this situation because our leadership has failed us. They have avoided hard truths and action for fear of losing the next election and they lack ideas of what to do. As a political outsider focused solely on the interest of the people of Connecticut, I will shine a bright light on our challenges.

As a businessman with an entrepreneurial mind-set, I will propose and accomplish bold solutions that are outside-the-box.  Solutions that will be fair to us all – to government employees, to taxpayers and to our children. Solutions that will provide security to our state government employees and retirees and set us on a path to recovery and prosperity.