Save Connecticut
Meet David

Who is David Stemerman?

David Stemerman is a self-made successful businessman who built his business in Fairfield County, where he and his wife are raising their five children.

David’s story is the American Dream. His father was the first in his family to go to college. David attended public schools through high school and attended Yale College, graduating summa cum laude. He went on to Harvard Business School, where he received his M.B.A. with distinction and his J.D. magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.

David started his own business, Conatus Capital, from a single desk. The Connecticut investment firm launched in 2008, in the midst of the national economic meltdown. David grew Conatus into a multi-billion-dollar global business.

David and his team were successful because they made tough choices, they worked together, and most importantly, they were able to see opportunities where others could not. That is the same strategy Connecticut needs now more than ever. We need strong, fresh leadership for Connecticut, which will be required to grow and provide opportunity for all of our residents — especially our children.

David chose Connecticut as his home, and the location for his company, because it was the best place in the country to live, work and raise a family. He is deeply concerned that while some are continuing to do very well, too many are struggling with taxes and the cost of living. Currently, there are not enough good paying jobs or opportunities to advance.

The American Dream is both David’s story and is at the core of our nation’s greatness – the belief that each generation would do better than the last and the commitment to do all necessary to make it possible for the next. Connecticut’s government is so ineffective, wasteful and corrupt, that we run the risk that our children will have less opportunity than we have had. David will change that so we can fulfill our commitment to the next generation, and our State and our people can realize our tremendous potential.

David’s Approach to Problem Solving:

For twenty years, David traveled the world and saw what caused businesses to succeed and fail in all sectors of the economy. He became skilled at recognizing patterns for what works and what does not. He understands the transformational impact of technological change and globalization. He knows how leaders create bold winning strategies, turn around struggling businesses and grow to heights no one believed possible.

We do not have to start from scratch to find answers to our problems in Connecticut. We only have to look to other states who have faced the same problems. We will bring to Connecticut solutions that have been proven to work elsewhere. For example, we can look at what Michigan did to restructure retirement benefits and taxes to overcome a budget crisis and grow. We can look to what Massachusetts did with standards and accountability for their schools to improve performance and close the achievement gap. And we can look to see how Europe used public-private-partnerships to build great highways and airports.

Getting it Done:

David believes that getting big things done will require both individual leadership and community involvement.

David is from outside the political system that has failed us. He is not beholden to special interests and is committed only to the welfare of the people of Connecticut.

As the founder of his business, David was responsible for delivering returns for clients. This required him to set strategy and make tough decisions. The firm was able to succeed in one of the most competitive businesses in the world because David was able to bring very talented people together and get them to work effectively as a team.

It’s time to break with our failed past and move forward with a leader who will deliver a better future. That’s David Stemerman.